Jälleen yksi teoria WCW:n hajoamisesta

M> maybe I smoke too much weed but I think I know why WCW failed…..and it all has to do with Eric Bischoff
M> see u can talk about ur stale wrestlers, ur glasss ceilings, or even ur Hulk Hogans or David Arquetts and Vince Russos
M> the REAL REASON WCW faied is because Eric Bischoff found a Monkey Paw one day and made 5 wishes
M> as we all know that whatever u wish for bad luck comes with it
M> The first wish was to save his job
M> this brought Hulk Hogan….but with Hogan came every washed up shitty wrestler the 80’s chewed up and spat out
M> the second wish…..was to save WCW
M> this brought the nWo
M> and the biggest time bomb in wrestling history that would not only take WCW with it but almost Time Warner too 100 million lost in 2000 alone
M> the third wish was to get Bret Hart
M> but since he didnt know what to do with him, he was not only a waste of money BUT the screw job turned the WWE around along with other things
M> you would think he would have learned by now….BUT NOOOOOO good old Eric wished again
M> and wished for his job back after being sent home
M> the bad part here? He had to work with Vince Russo
M> the 5th and final wish witch put him in the WWE and made him kiss Vince’s ass for 4 years
P> you’re right, you smoke too much