Addiction: Redux 4

The Angelic Process: Solipsistic (2003)

The Angelic Process: SolipsisticAnd here it is. One of the holy grails in my personal collection and from the great doom metal/ambient outfit that will not record any new music, thanks to selfish act by the main songwriter of The Angelic Process, Kris Angylus. In case you didn't know, he had few setbacks in his personal life and in the end his soul lost the battle with depression and he committed suicide in April 2008. One of the brilliant and still developing minds in music is gone forever... So you can understand why this release caused quite a stir on the internet community when it suddenly showed up in eBay. Never officially released album that was made only few handful CDR promo copies which was send to labels and other associates of the band. And to get it, I have to admit that I payed ridiculous amount of money and same time I feared and questioned to myself, will this be truely worth it?

For about a month I have been slowly digesting this record but after first listen you can hear instantly that Solipsistic slides perfectly between their debut album ...And Your Blood Is Full Of Honey and follow up Coma Waering. It's the important, almost undocumented missing link between primitive, grutty emotions and full on, straight ahead bombardment. The track where the album takes it name demonstrate this transformation in such an elegant way. Setting the mood with acoustic guitar, thin sounding drums and clean but slighty elegiac vocals until noisy, a bit gruesome background static starts to make effect and transports towards corrupted, yet understandable audio mess and in four minute mark the song kicks the high gear in and now you're in the familiar realm of rumbling walls of sound. That's just one example of how Solipsistic flows from withdrawn emotions to fully embracing chaos repeating its almost neverending cycle. On the other side of the spectrum, there are lots of experimentation (quirky editing techniques, eccentric environment samples or never before heard instrumentations) going on which makes Solipsistic such an important part in The Angelic Process' continuum. "Deep Calls To Deep" moves the album almost into the dub-like state with heavy slapping bass but again, atrociously spreading background static and from far outreaching guitars turns this piece finally into an irresistible calls from the lost Sirens. "Tragedy De' Ovair" contains even a middle-eastern type of percussion and added low droning buzz dilutes this to a scruny lo-fi shoegaze renderation of their powerful sonic atmosphere. And it's not bad thing. Not at all. It shows how diverse their circulating soundscape can be, even at one record. And there are also familiar elements that makes The Angelic Process such an amazing act in their genre. The "Mouvement" interludes and other half minute to minute and half tracks can create either more detailed chaos in the midst the album or soothes after a huge surge that crashed down hard. Starting from the first release, The Angelic Process' music has always contained this pure, yet raw feeling which raises the atmosphere few notches upwards where it almost carves out this physical tingling sensation. In Solipsistic there are lots of these kind of moments - gloomy piano, whispering vocals and crackling ambience drone appears in "Nothing But Self Exists" like it's almost too fragile to exist in this world or "Missing The Space Around You" cherish this inner rawness that eventually glows in such a burning fashion and start to bloom in full glory.

So yeah, Solipsistic does have weird, more experimental surrounding that emphasize on noisy signals, despairing emotions that you can clearly witness this time up closely and they even inserted small dose of cold sounding field recordings to mixture, but in the same vein these newly added elements makes this record feel like a deeply personal journal. Therefore Solipsistic contains lots of never heard ideas that you won't be experience in any other records and yet still it sounds like a logical progression in The Angelic Process universe before they moved their sound towards fully blasting aural hammering. And the answer to my previous question? Yeah, totally worth it.