Year Zero

(16:00:48) (c)
(16:00:51) (c)
(16:10:08) (h) the promotion of this new album is kinda cool
(16:11:23) (c) very cool
(16:11:39) (c) the tracks are pretty good
(16:12:04) (c) With Teeth sucked balls, IMO
(16:12:13) (h) With Teeth was a good album
(16:12:24) (h) and only NIN album that i liked
(16:12:25) (c) you're dead to me
(16:12:32) (h) hah
(16:13:29) (h) oh wait, i also liked that perfect drug single
(16:14:11) (c) i oughta smack you, boy

Herkkiä nämä todelliset NIN-fanit...