Lifeforms turns 20

Tässä alkaa olla taas tulla vastaan monia sellaisia hetkiä kun legendaariset albumit konemusiikin piireissä saa 20 vuoden leiman ylleensä. Mukaan lukien The Future Sound Of Londonin toinen täyspitkä, "Lifeforms".

We haven't really put an album out, I mean it's quite dramatic really, we put an album out in 97, and although we've done Environments albums on our own label, they're still very much based around finding some of our old music and maybe enhancing it. The interesting thing with that is we did one of the singles with Liz Fraser of the Cocteau Twins, and at that particular point in time I was, we were, seriously up against the limitations of where we were with the technology and Liz Fraser bought the whole thing collapsing down because she gave us like two hours of vocals and we couldn't handle them, because we had, although we had seven samplers, it was all about snippets, so if somebody forms a vocal that's great for a minute and a half and then not good for a bit, in other words, big chunks of samples. How do you do it in like 91-92, it's very difficult. So basically we never, we didn't feel we got that track right. So for the 20 year anniversary we are, we've got a Lifeforms with Liz Fraser that's amazing, I mean we've worked on it for like four/five years because I love Liz Fraser and for me I've always carried the kind of sadness of never really fulfilling the potential of us with Liz Fraser, you know.

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