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To my fans, supporters and those who are eagerly waiting for their copy of Arkives to arrive!

Greetings to everyone from cold and snowy Canada! Matthew and I have been locked into The Building here in Windsor for the past weeks putting the finishing touches on the Arkives release. While finishing book layouts and CD mastering we were lucky enough to find even more material for the release. We unearthed more never seen before photos and even additional unreleased recordings from the original U.T.K. studio!

Realizing that you only get one chance at a project like this, we've decided to EXPAND Arkives, ensuring that this is the definite, most comprehensive, Plastikman anthology possible!

The Arkives Reference Edition book has now been expanded to 100 pages, including even more rare photos with extra accompanying text, offering further insight into the Plastikman project. In addition, due to the newly found unreleased material, we are expanding the original 12-disc set to 16 discs (15 CD's, 1 DVD) including a specially mixed disc of unreleased material!

For everyone who ordered Arkives Reference and/or Komplete there will be NO extra charge for all of this extra material! For those who ordered Arkives Digital, we've also expanded the content on this edition. (see final edition track listings below)

Unfortunately, all this good news does come with a downside. Due to the extra work in expanding the release, Arkives, we will not be shipping until the end of April. (This includes all versions: Reference, Analog, Digital & Komplete)

I know that many of you will be disappointed, but I hope that you can wait a little longer for this once in a lifetime release! Believe me, it's an incredibly beautiful package and the extra material is well worth the delay!

Thank you for everyone's patience and support!

Warm regards,


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