Pimeydestä kajahtaa taas

ATTR: Are you working on anything now?

BW: I've just started work on the next album. [...] The concept for this one I've had for a long time. For me, the concept is the exciting part, the working on ideas. [...] The next album has the human voice as basic foundation. I have a couple of vocalists lined up and hopefully things will work out as far as schedules etc. No lyrics by the way.

ATTR: What’s next in the evolution for you? Do you have any ideas for where you want to take Lustmord in the future?

BW: I want it to be fresh, for me if nobody else. The last album [ O T H E R ] revisited ideas from years ago, but I wanted to re-approach them. The vocal idea for the next album is something I've wanted to explore for a while, and there's an album that only uses sounds for deep space that I've been meaning to record for a while and I've been collecting sounds for that for 10 years and have enough now to do it.

» All Thing That Rock - An Abyssal Giant: Lustmord

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