Kids these days

(h) damn... he dodged that one...
(T) That chick's a fucking slut, even at 15
(T) Ugly too
(h) fucking idiots
(h) although i got good laugh :)
(T) You evil man
(T) How can you laugh about that boy's broken heart
(h) i meant the bull video
(h) but, that kid is an idiot too
(h) i hope he learned value lesson with this one
(h) a) use rubber
(h) b) women always lies about how many partners they have had in the past
(T) i don't give a shit either, actually
(T) boy's way too young to fuck that ugly whore anyways
(h) yeah
(T) probably didn't even knew what he was doing
(h) fucking kids these days
(h) they try to be adults at age 12
(T) yeah, it's crazy
(T) lots of people would give an arm to be 12 again
(h) yeah, at age 12 everything was alot simpler
(T) the downside is.. there wouldn't be any boobies
(h) LOL
(h) yeah

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