End Titles

UNKLE: End Titles… Stories for FilmThis summer sees the return of UNKLE, as they release 'End Titles… Stories for Film', a collection of eclectic recordings from UNKLE and various collaborators that were inspired by the moving image in the last two years since War Stories.

Highlights on this new release include 'Heaven' and 'Blade in the Back' which was featured on Spike Jonze's skate video 'Fully Flared', as well as being the opening and closing tracks from 'Odyssey in Rome', a documentary on director Abel Ferrara which UNKLE wrote the entire score for. The release also features the highly anticipated 'Trouble in Paradise', a full length version of UNKLE's track from the BMW commercial that aired in the UK.

'End Titles… Stories for Film' will be released on 7th July in the UK and Europe. 'End Titles' is now available for pre-order in three formats, standard CD, limited edition CD, and 12" Vinyl.

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