Uusi Photophob julkaisu

Laridae co-founder Herwig Holzmann is back with a brandnew album under his main moniker "Photophob". On "Skaphander Skanks" he again devotes himself to what he just seems to love most: Retro Science-Fiction influenced fast-forward Drill 'n bass absurdities, full of cheesy overdone pathos and hyperactive breakbeats, puckishly scattered to the four cosmic winds.

If you liked Photophob's "Music for Spaceports" releases, this is for you! So, turn on your autopilot, release the safety of your Hyades Laser Blaster and get ready for take-off! There are galaxies waiting to be discovered, spaceports to be descended on and exotic alien beauties to be worshipped...

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Jotenkin väsynyt mieli kaipasi tänään tällaista yliaktiivista ja selvästikin sokerihumalssa vellovaa tunnelmaa. Tämä siis tuli kuin tilauksesta.

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