Jaa että mikä on vointi?

(h) food poisoning... it's like a fucking jet engine except you thrust from both ends
(h) why me...
(T) Poor feller
(T) What was it you ate?
(h) simple rye bread with syltty (i don't know how to translate it but it's like a meat in jelly) which i think was causing this
(T) http://images.google.nl/images?hl=nl&q=syltty&gbv=2
(T) Well, it seems to be mostly horse and small, domesticated animals :P
(h) not that kind of meat ;)
(T) Oddly enough it shows Sylvester Stallone too
(T) :D
(h) LOL
(T) You got st4ll0wned by your food!
(h) yeah
(T) But how bad is it?
(h) dude... my ass acts like a water cannon
(T) I had that 2 years ago man, I feel your pain
(T) LOL, at one point
(T) I was sitting on the can, throwing up and spraying liquid shit at the same time
(T) one of those moments you wish you were dead
(h) worst is over but i still feel the effect
(T) I couldn't even stand up, sit up, lie down or do anything without feeling like I was about to throw up, pretty messed up
(T) Think you'll be okay tomorrow?
(h) naah
(h) i still feel like shit
(h) but atleast i'm not throwing up anymore
(T) throwing up is the worst part
(T) Although you feel oddly refreshed after having thrown up
(T) For about a minute
(h) heh, yeah
(h) and then you have to wipe the goo from your nose
(T) lol, exactly

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