(h*) http://www.oreillynet.com/onlamp/blog/
(T*) I hope that's not Bill O'Reilly's site?
(T*) Fuck
(T*) That seriously is the stupidest thing I read in like 5 years
(T*) Make that 10
(h*) arrggh
(T*) What?
(P*) i don't think **** found it stupid
(T*) You did find it stupid, didn't you?
(P*) i don't know enough about how music leaks
(P*) i figured most of happened at the pressing stage
(P*) which is kind of hard to prevent as long CD is the major medium
(T*) I think this guy is confusing the 2 kinds of piracy...
(T*) He might think there are men with hooks attacking the ships shipping the CDs
(P*) haha
(T*) That's what I thought anyways :P
(P*) maybe that's why ****** said "arrggh"
(P*) :P
(T*) Hahaha
(P*) haha
(P*) fully
(T*) It's always the same with those Scandinavians
(P*) hey, if i hailed from a region that cold, i'd venture out on a ship once in awhile as well
(T*) You reckon he's a pirate annex viking?
(P*) yes
(T*) Well we have no idea what he looks like, so he could be wearing his Viking outfit
(h*) Scallywags! We'll hav' yer sorry arse keelhaul'd

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