Two things

(14:10:09) (T) whoa, shit got out of hand there
(14:12:44) (T) although he makes up
(14:15:28) (c) haha
(14:17:47) (T) I know I'll never look at Seinfeld the same again :D
(14:18:12) (c) ya. it will be WAY funnier now
(14:18:52) (c) every time Kramer busts through the door, in the back of my head I'd hear him saying "suuup niggers???"
(14:19:22) (T) Hahaha
(14:19:51) (T) He says he's not racist though, but he had a whole bunch of racist shit ready to fling out
(14:20:39) (c) ya
(14:20:49) (c) he's like "i'm not racist, i just hate niggers. that's not racist, is it?"
(14:21:02) (c) "yes, that's racist"
(14:21:12) (c) "oh. i think what i meant to say was that i AM a racist"
(14:21:20) (T) 2 things he hates, racism and niggers
(14:21:24) (c) hahahahah
(14:21:40) (T) But the guy in the audience was right though, he never did anything that was cool after Seinfeld

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  1. Maverick said,

    Two things is all you need to fuck-up your career... Enään en katsele Seinfeldiä samoilla silmillä, Kramer is just not funny anymore... shit. Näin se homma etenee rapakon takana. Nice.


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