Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole

Oli pitempi juttelutuokio Venetian Snaresta ja jutun aihe siirtyi Winnipegin puolelle.

(16:01:59) (c) Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole
(16:02:04) (c) now that album is fucken crazy
(16:02:25) (c) or the "An Alien Lifeforce..." album
(16:04:12) (h) Frozen shithole is funny album. i mean no one can't be that serious. it has to be some sort of joke
(16:04:38) (c) no, he's serious
(16:04:50) (c) my family is all from Winnipeg
(16:04:59) (c) the winters there are brutal
(16:05:07) (c) like -60C Windchill
(16:05:19) (c) and Winnipeg just sucks ass
(16:05:27) (c) it's the murder capital of Canada
(16:05:35) (c) gangs everywhere
(16:05:42) (c) bums everywhere
(16:05:54) (c) everyone is poor
(16:06:02) (c) it just sucks dude
(16:06:11) (c) even the people there hate it
(16:06:20) (c) there is a Simpsons episode where they make fun of it
(16:06:38) (c) when they're driving into Winnipeg the sign says "Winnipeg: We were born here. What's your excuse?"
(16:07:06) (h) LOL
(16:09:44) (P) haha
(16:09:58) (P) oh.. did i say that aloud..

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