On hyvä olla unelmia vai miten se meni…?

C> a new chassi that can fit up to 19 hdd's? yesbox
P> hah hah.... 19. there isn't enough pci slots to have ide/sata cards so you can have 19 hdds
C> heard about controller cards?
P> yes
P> that's what i was talking about
P> they need pci slots too
C> yeah.. and it's completely duable :)
C> not that i'll afford so many disks but...
C> the possibility is there
C> i'll settle with like 10 disks or something
C> ...when i get the money lol
P> and nice electric bill in a side
C> hehe, yeah
P> "boy, i hope you're running drug lab in your room"
C> hdd's improves the bill...
P> "because if this is just for computer..."
C> lol

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