Ja sillä välin Ruotsissa

[00:57] I> LMFAO the swedish commentator said that eurovision is bigger then world cup in hockey, bigger then world cup in fotball and even bigger then the olympics!
[00:57] I> what a jack***
[00:57] I> :P
[01:03] D> haha
[01:04] D> he also said that people voted for finland "as a joke". Typical swedish bullshit. If we don't win, we have to trash our opponents
[01:05] D> 'cause, you know, if people actually thought that Finland might WIN, they would never have voted for them
[01:05] D> that's just so god damned arrogant and petty. Fuck, just take the loss like a man and stop whining
[01:06] D> I'm all for Finland winning. That self-righteous bitch Carola needs to be slapped down a peg or two
[01:07] D> So losing to people dressed like demons is sort of poetic justice, seeing as how she's a hyper-christian wierdo
[01:08] D> Also, Eurovision has become so god damned boring, and Lordi brought something new and fresh to the table. Not my style of music, but I welcome the innovation to the contest
[01:08] D> Go Finland

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