Mothers Against Noise Vol. 1

Mothers Against NoiseSome things are just meant to be mocked... of them being the American tendency for so-called "Mothers Against Whatever" crusades, usually against a type of music or recent trend.

After weeks of buzz the lengthy online discussions about the veracity of the "Mothers Against Noise" organization, comes the dropping of one of the bombs and the conclusion of an idea hatched when the "MAN" concept began spreading on the net after being planted in a few selected places. An idea that consisted quite simply of spreading and riding an online viral wave of hype.

As such, we annouce the release of the first instalment (and hopefully not last) of a series of FREE downloadable noise/industrial/idm/breakcore music compilations tentatively titled "Mothers Against Noise".

We hope you enjoy the "Mothers Against Noise" compilation series and that its contents will make you interested enough to discover more about these genres of music.

the Management


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