Still warm

Finally, my 2nd CD "Still warm" will be released on HIVE RECORDS. The release date is set to april 30th 2006, but it's available for preorder now!

15 tracks, 60 minutes of photophobian music, less distorted and more melodic than it's predecessor "Your majesty machine". Here the tracklist:

01. All of Them?
02. Bad Habits No. 1 to No. 7
03. Last Judgement Show Ticket
04. The Games that the Mind Can Play
05. Still Warm (Why Not?)
06. What Went Wrong
07. Fairy Fails
08. A God Given Gift
09. Huge Storm Coming (Fairy Falls)
10. Because We Like the Rosary
11. The Golden Rule
12. 1.81 574 1.19 12.4
13. Bitter Sweet (but Actually More Bitter)
14. Something's Gonna Happen
15. All of Them.

You'll find artwork and audio samples, as well as a really nice info text on the HIVE RECORDS site. "Still warm" will be pressed as limited edition of 500 copies.


Damn... vain 500 kappaletta. Toivottavasti en jää nuolemaan näppejäni.