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Gapless Winamp output without the use of a plugin.

1) Open Winamp and right click "Options --> Prefrences" or just press Ctrl+P.

2) In the treeview on the side look for the group titled Plug-Ins. In that group there should be an Output selection. Click it.

3) You should now see a box in the area next to the treeview. Look for one that says "Direct Sound output". Click it and then press the configure button at the bottom of the window.

4) A new window should've popped up. Look on the top of it and click the tab "Buffering". This is the final part. All you need to do is adjust the Buffer-Ahead on Track change to a high number.

There are 3 slider bars that allow you to adjust the Buffer settings.

Buffer Length
This adjusts the length of the buffer. This also limits the Prebuffer and Buffer-ahead.
Example: If I had a Buffer Length of 2400 ms then my Prebuffer and Buffer-Ahead could only go from a range of 0 ms - 2400 ms.

Prebuffer on start/seek/underrun
This tell Winamp how much data to eat before it outputs sound. The suggested amount for this is 500 ms - 1000 ms.

Buffer-Ahead on track change
This is what we want to change. This tells Winamp when to start reading the next song to get a gapless transition. For me, I just set it to 5000 ms (5 seconds) but that is a bit to high for some people. I'd say anywhere from 1000 ms to 5000 ms is a good range. If you have low memory, a slow computer, or and outdated one, then set it lower, but not to low, or else it'll still have gaps. The way this works is like this. Example: If I set the Buffer-Ahead to 5000 ms, then Winamp will start reading the next song where the current song had 5 seconds left until it ends. This make it so winamp can trnasition them smoothly.

After that is all done, click the apply button on the window and then close the propterites window. If it worked then there should be no gap.

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