Richard D. Jamesin Analord-setti CD-muodossa

Aphex TwinThankfully, it appears that James' 2006 output will be markedly cheaper and much easier to store. The Analord tracks will finally make it to CD, but not in the way that most of us expected. Simply compiling all of the material onto one multi-disc box set would be way too easy. Instead, James has "distilled the tunes into a cohesive album, "as it was intended to be heard," according to a press release. So it's sort of a brand-new Aphex Twin album, but not really.

Entitled Chosen Lords, the disc will drop on April 10 in the UK and April 11 in the U.S., courtesy of Rephlex.

01. Fenix Funk5
02. Reunion 2
03. Pitcard
04. Crying in Your Face
05. Klopjob
06. Boxing Day
07. Batine Acid
08. Cilonen
09. PWSteal.Ldpinch.D
10. XMD5A

Ja merkintä kännykän kalenteriin...

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